Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Sr.No.Name of the DepartmentName of the Academic ProgrammesHead of the Department Contact Number Email address
 1.MarathiB. A. Marathi
M. A. Marathi
Ph. D. Marathi
Prof. Yelwande L. R.marathi@newartsdcs.ac.in
 2.HindiB. A. Hindi
M. A. Hindi
Ph. D. Hindi
Prof. Jagtap H. D. hindi@newartsdcs.ac.in
 3.EnglishB. A. English
M. A. English
Ph. D. English
Prof. Mohite N. D. English@newartsdcs.ac.in
 4.HistoryB. A. History
M. A. History
Ph. D. History
Prof. Ambade K. M. history@newartsdcs.ac.in
 5.EconomicsB. A. Economics
M. A. Economics
M. Phil Economics
Ph. D. Economics
Dr. Undre B. D. Economics@newartsdcs.ac.in
 6.Political ScienceB. A. Political Science
M. A. Political Science
Mrs. Thube P. B. politicalscience@newartsdcs.ac.in
 7.SociologyB. A. Sociology
M. A. Sociology
Prof. Shelke P. T. sociology@newartsdcs.ac.in
 8.PhilosophyB. A. PhilosophyProf. Bagade A. W. philosophy@newartsdcs.ac.in
 9.PsychologyB. A. Psychology
M. A. Psychology
Dr. Ahirrao K. D. psychology@newartsdcs.ac.in
 10.Defense and Strategic StudiesB. A. Defense and Strategic StudiesProf. Todkar B. D. defensestudies@newartsdcs.ac.in
 11.MusicB. A. MusicMr. Khalikar music@newartsdcs.ac.in
12.GeographyB. A. Geography
M. A. Geography
Dr. Pandit A. P. geography@newartdcs.ac.in

Faculty of Commerce and Management

Sr.No.Name of the DepartmentName of the Academic ProgrammesHead of the Department Contact Number Email address
1.Commerce B. Com
M. Com
Ph. D. Commerce
Dr. Kalamkar S. B. commerce@newartsdcs.ac.in
2.B. B. A. B. B. A. Dr. Mangesh Waghmarebba@newartsdcs.ac.in
3.B. B. A. (B. A. )B. B. A. (B. A. )Mrs. Nimbalkar S. S. bbaca@newartsdcs.ac.in

Faculty of Science and Technology

Sr.No.Name of the DepartmentName of the Academic ProgrammesHead of the Department Contact Number Email address
1.PhysicsB. Sc. Physics
M. Sc. Physics
Dr. Mancharkar A. V. physics@newartsdcs.ac.in
2.ChemistryB. Sc. Chemistry
M. Sc. Organic Chemistry
M. Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
M. Sc. Drug Chemistry
M. Sc. Analytical Chemistry
M. Sc. Biochemistry

M. Phil Chemistry
Ph. D. Chemistry
Dr. Athare A. E.chemistry@newartsdcs.ac.in
3.Botany B. Sc. Botany
M. Sc. Botany

Ph. D. Botany
Dr. Adsure Botany@newartsdcs.ac.in
4.Zoology B. Sc. Zoology
M. Sc. Zoology

M.Phil Zoology
Ph. D. Zoology
Dr. Pokale S. N. zoology@newartsdcs.ac.in
5.Microbiology B. Sc. Microbiology
M. Sc. Microbiology
Dr. Kukreja G. P.microbiology@newartsdcs.ac.in
6.Biotechnology B. Sc. Biotechnology
B. Sc. Wine Brewing and Alcohol Technology
M. Sc. Biotechnology

Ph. D. Biotechnology
Dr. Moharekar S. S.biotechnology@newartsdcs.ac.in
7. Environmental Science B. Sc. Environmental Science
M. Sc. Environmental Science
Ph. D. Environmental Science
Dr. Kulkarni S. D.electronicscience@newartsdcs.ac.in
7.Mathematics B. Sc. Mathematics
M. Sc. Mathematics
Ph. D. Mathematics
Dr. Gaikwad S. B. mathematics@newartsdcs.ac.in
8.Statistics B. Sc. Statistics
M. Sc. Statistics
Dr. Kulkarni A. A.statistics@newartsdcs.ac.in
9.Electronic Science B. Sc. Electronic Science
M. Sc. electronic Science
Mr. Sonawane D. K. electronicscience@newartsdcs.ac.in
10Computer Science B. Sc. Computer Science
M. Sc. Computer Science
Mr. Gangarde A. D. computerscience@newartsdcs.ac.in
11.Animation B. Sc. Animation Mr. Thube S. B. animation@newartsdcs.ac.in
12.Computer ApplicationsB. C. A. (Science)
M. Sc. Computer Applications
Mr. Gangarde A. D. bcascience@newartsdcs.ac.in
13.Communication Studies M. Sc. Media and Communication Studies
B. Voc. Journalism and Communication studies
Mr. Girhe S. B. hod@newartsdcs.ac.in
14Printing TechnologyB. Voc. Printing TechnologyMr. Gangarde A. D. bcascience@newartsdcs.ac.in