Environmental Science

1. Year of Establishment : 2004

2. Programmes offered by the department

        UG                     PG     Research CentreCertificate/ Diploma
B.Sc. Environmental ScienceM.Sc. Environmental SciencePh.D. Environmental Science———

3. Faculty Profile

NameEducation QualificationDesignationDate of JoiningTotal ExperienceProfile
Dr. S.D. KulkarniM.Sc. Ph.D., FICCE, FACCEHead of Department01/06/200418 
Ms. Sable K.V.M.Sc. M.Ed. GATE, NETAssistant Professor15/12/202109 
Ms. Shinde D.B.M.Sc. B.Ed.Assistant Professor19/04/202207 
Mrs. Shinde A.K.M.Sc. B.Ed.Assistant Professor28/12/202101 
Ms. Kulkarni A.KM.Sc.Assistant Professor22/02/202201 

4. Details of seminars/conferences/workshops organized by the department

Theme of the Seminar/ Conference/WorkshopLevelSponsoring AgencyDates

5. Details of research projects undertaken by the department.

Name of the Principal InvestigatorTitle of the projectDurationSponsoring Agency
Dr. S.D. Kulkarni Photocatyaltic Dye Degradation with Silver Dope Zinc oxide Nanoparticles2014BCUD University of Pune
Mr. P.L. WaghDiversity and Distribution of anatidae ( Swans, Geese and Ducks) at Nandur Madhameshwar Wetland, Nashik, Maharashtra2013BCUD University of Pune
Dr. S.D. KulkarniDevelopment of efficient nano structure for distillery spent wash treatment2011BCUD University of Pune
Dr. S.D. KulkarniBioremediations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon from contaminated soil microbial assemblages2011 UGC, New Delhi
Dr. S.D. Kulkarni Dr. S. M. KurhadeIchtyfauna and Physicochemical properties of Nandur Madhmeshwar Water reservoir ( Nashik ) Maharashtra2010UGC, New Delhi
Dr. S.D. KulkarniSewage Water Irrigation Practices on Nutrient status in Crop and Soil2008 BCUD, University of Pune
Dr. S.D. Kulkarni Environment Impact Assessment of Seena River in Devlopment of Ahmednagar City2007BCUD, University of Pune

6. Details of research papers published (in UGC notified journals notified only)

Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperJournalISSN NumberVolume and Page Numbers
Kulkarni S.D.1 , Dhawale V.P2 ., Aher S.K.3 , and Zadage S.J.4Effects of spent wash on the physico-chemical properties of soil and early seedling growth in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)Wesleyan Journal of Research(ISSN: 0975-1386 
Research1Patil, M.S., 1Sanap, V.B., 2Surashri Sonawane, 2Neeta Sarode, 3,*Dharmadhikari, N.P. 4Kulkarni S.DGEOELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (GEF): A STUDY SO FARInternational Journal of Current  ResearchISSN: 0975-833XVol. 14, Issue, 02, pp.20731-20735, February, 2022
Shrikant J. Zadage, Satish D. KulkarniEffectiveness of non-ionic dispersants on high-density oil in marine waterInternational Journal of All Research Education and Scientific Methods (IJARESM, ISSN: 2455-6211Volume 9, Issue 9 Pp 1644-1648
Shrikant J. Zadage, Satish D. KulkarniPhytotoxicity assay of oil and Dispersants to Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp and Vigna radiata (L.) R. WilczekInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews2348-1269March 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1
Erum F H Kazi, Satish D. KulkarniAPTI (Air Pollution tolerance index) of trees in Lohagaon area in Pune city in different seasons.EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review2347-9671Vol-8, Issue-12, Dec-2020
1Mona Aghaei, 2Satish D Kulkarni, 3Ravindra JaybhayeA Study of Ground Water and Water Borne Diseases from Daund – Pune DistrictInternational Research Journal Of Multidisciplinary StudiesISSN (Online): 2454-8499Vol. 6, Issue 9, September, 2020
Dhawale V.P.1*, Mohite K.C.2 and Kulkarni S.D.3Impact of aluminum oxide nanoparticles, silver nanoparticles and their nanocomposites on Vigna radiata Seedling GrowthResearch Journal of Chemistry and Environment Vol. 24 (3) March (2020)
Shrikant J Zadage1, Vijaya P Dhawale2, Satish D Kulkarni3*Applications of IoT based on environmental problemsInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews2348-1269Vol 6 (1), pp 365, 2019
Dhawale Vijaya Pandurang1*, Mohite Kakasaheb Chandrakant 2. and Kulkarni Satish Damodar3Phase Changes Under Heat Treatment During Synthesis of α-Al2O3 Nanoparticles by Sol Gel MethodInternational Journal of Scientific Research and ReviewsISSN: 2279–0543IJSRR 2019, 8(2), 550-555
Dhawale V. P., K. C. Mohite, S. D. KulkarniPhytotoxicity and Stimulatory Impact of Silver Nanoparticles on Seedling Growth of Moth BeanEnvironment and EcologyISSN 0970-042037 (3B) : 1107—1113, July—September 2019
 Vijaya P. Dhawale1,*, Datta J. Late2, Satish D. Kulkarni3Synthesis, Characterization  of α-Al2O3 Nanoparticles  and Its Application in Decolorization of Methyl  Orange Azo Dye in the Presence of UV Light     Journal of Nanoscience  and Technology   ISSN: 2455-0191 J. Nanosci. Tech.  – Volume 5 Issue 1  (2019)  580–583
Vaidehi B Khobragade, Satish D KulkarniAlteration in Physico-chemical Properties and Microbiological Analysis of Soil from various Hydrocarbon contaminated sites across MaharashtraInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews 6(2), 415-421
V. Ratna Kumari*, S.D. KulkarniAn effective study on rapid degradation of Polythene bags and plastic waste by microbial speciesResearch Journal of Pharmacy and Technology0974-3618Vol 11 (10), pp 4421-4425, 2018
Vijaya P Dhawale1*, Vaidehi B Khobragade2, Satish D Kulkarni3Synthesis and characterization of Aluminium oxide nanoparticles and its application in Azodye DecolorisationInternational Journal of Environmental Chemistry Vol 2(1), pp 10-17, 2018
Dipali Shinde, Satish Kulkarni*Application of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles in dye degradation by photocatalytic processLife Sciences Leaflets2277-4297Vol 77, pp 28-41, 2016
Sulbha G. Velhal1, S.D. Kulkarni2, R.V. Latpate3Fungal mediated silver nanoparticle synthesis using robust experimental design and its application in cotton fabricSpringer 2016
Satish D. Kulkarni*, Tejashri Auti, Satish SarafBioremediation study of Dairy effluent by using Spirulina PlatensisResearch Journal of Life Science, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Sciences2454-6348Vol 1(6), pp 317, March 2016
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Photocatalytic degradation of Methyl Orange Dye by using Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticlesReview of Progress in Nanoscience978-93-84916-65-72015
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Impact of urbanization on Ambient air quality and vegetationMoral philosophy: Importance of human values in modern society978-93-5158-288-52015
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Taguchi Design for parameter optimization of size-controlled synthesis of silver nanoparticlesInternational Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied SciencePrint 2279-0047 Online- 2279-00552015
Satish D. Kulkarni1*, Satish V. Saraf2Physicochemical and bacteriological characterization of water from wells and bore wells nearby landfill area of waste dumping site of Ahmednagar city.Research Journal of Life Science, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Sciences2454-6348Vol-1(3), pp 144-155, Sept 2015
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Crop diversification in south east part of Ahmednagar District: a geographical analysisEt Flerkultureelt magasin pa hindi og morsk0802-44482014
Vaideshi Khobragade, Dr. Kulkarni S.D. Anil Gagare, Priyanka DeoreAssessment of ground water quality near municipal solid waste landfill site in Burudgaon, AhmednagarInternational Conference- Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development978-81-930154-0-7162/173, 2014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Correlation coefficient of some physico-chemical parameters of ground water of Parner Tehsil, Ahmednagar (MS)International Conference- Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development978-81-930154-0-72014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Impact of environmental parameters on recovery of alcohol from molassesNational conference978-93-83414-18-52014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Bio transportation of micro nutrients and heavy metals in sewage irrigated vegetables in downstream of Sina river near Ahmednagar, MaharashtraNational conference978-93-83414-18-52014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Physicochemical characterization of water from wells and bore wells nearby landfill area of waste dumping site of Ahmednagar cityNational conference978-93-83414-18-52014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Impact of land use pattern and soil salinity status in Mula right canal command area of Newasa Tehsil, Ahmednagar (MS)National conference978-93-83414-18-52014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Titanium dioxide Nano structure in waste water treatmentNational conference978-93-83414-18-52014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Decolorisation of Aniline dye by using Aspergillus TerreNational conference978-93-83414-18-52014
Velhal S.G.1*, Kulkarni S.D.2, Jaybhaye R.G.3Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles for control of microorganismsInternational Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment2248-9649Vol-4(4), pp 192-198, Oct-2014
S.D. Kulkarni*, Amol IngawaleBiomonitoring of air pollution by correlating the pollution tolerance of some commonly grown trees in Walunj Industrial area near Aurangabad (MS)International Journal of Research in Environmental Science and Technology2249-9695Vol 4 (4), pp 102-106, 2014
Dr. Kulkarni S.D.Impact of spent wash on soil characteristics and morphological alteration in leafy vegetableFlora and Fauna0971-6920Vol-19, 2013
Dhawale V. P*, Aher S.K. 2, Kulkarni S.D.3Ground water quality assessment of drought prone area – A case studyInternational journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences2277-4998Vol 2(11), pp 2157-2168, 2013
Khobragade Vaidehi*, Kulkarni S.D.Microbial Remediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: An overviewResearch Journal of Chemistry and Environment Vol-16(4), Dec 2012
Velhal S.G.2, Kulkarni S.D.1*, Jaybhaye R.G.3Novel nanoparticles for water and waste water treatmentResearch Journal of Chemistry and Environment Vol-16(2), June 2012
N.P Dharmadhikari1*, D.C. Meshram2, S.D. Kulkarni3, A.G. Kharat4, R.R. Sorate4, S.S. Pimpalkar5, G.R. Narang6, D.S. Deshmukh6, C.B. Bangal7Effect of Geopathic stress zone on human body voltage and skin resistanceJournal of Engineering and Technology Research2006-9790Vol.3(8), pp- 255-263, August 2011
Hassan Rezaei*, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. SaptarshiStudy of physical chemistry on Biosorption of hexavalent chromium by using Chlorella pyrenoidisaPelagia Research LibraryC976-8505Vol 2(4), pp 174-189, 2011
N.P Dharmadhikari1*, D.C. Meshram2, S.D. Kulkarni3, A.G. Kharat4, R.R. Sorate4, S.S. Pimpalkar5, G.R. Narang6, D.S. Deshmukh6, C.B. Bangal7Use of Dowsing and Geo-Resistivity meter for detection of geographic stress zoneInternational Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER)2249-6645Vol-1(2), pp 609-614, 2011
Hassan Rezaei*, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. SaptarshiStudy of physical chemistry on Biosorption of copper by using Sprullina sp.International Journal of ChemTech Research0974-4290Vol-3(3) pp 1429-1439, Sept 2011
Hassan Rezaei*, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. SaptarshiStudy of physical chemistry on Biosorption of zinc by using Chlorella pyrenoidisaAfrican Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry1996-0840Vol-5 (14), pp 474-485, Nov 2011
Hassan Rezaei*, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. SaptarshiStudy of physical chemistry on Biosorption of zinc by using Chlorella pyrenoidisaNatural products of Indian Journal0974-7508Vol-7, 2011
Hassan Rezaei*, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. SaptarshiStudy of physical chemistry on Biosorption of Nickel by using Chlorella pyrenoidisaOriental Journal of Chemistry0970-020XVol-27(2), pp 595-602,  2011
Hassan Rezaei*, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. SaptarshiRemoval of Cu (II) by using Oscillatoria sp. From waste waterInternational Journal  of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research Vol-1(2), pp 185-194, 2011
Hassan Rezaei*, Satish D. Kulkarni, Praveen G. SaptarshiRemoval of Zn (II) by using Oscillatoria sp. From waste waterChemical Technology0974 – 7443Vol 5 (2), pp 65-71, 2010

7. Details of books, chapters in edited volumes/ papers published in National and International Conference Proceedings.

Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperTitle of the Book/ ConferenceISBN NumberVolume and Page Numbers

8. Details of extension activities carried out by the department.

ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants
To Study the Carbon sequestration  of in college campus2022 02

9. Details of linkages/collaborations/ MoU signed by the department and activities under it.

Name of the Partner Institution/Industry
DateActivities undertakenNumber of Student Participants

10. Details of infrastructural facilities available in the department for the teaching and learning process.

Name of the Infrastructural FacilityNumber
Wet Laboratory1
 Dry Laboratory 1
 Head Cabin1
 Staff room1

11. Details of capacity building and skill enhancement initiatives taken by the department.

Programme/ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants
 Photography competition  30/04/2022        75

12. Details of sports and cultural activities organized by the department.

ActivityType (Sports/ Cultural)             DateNumber of Student Participants
 Environ Fest      Cultural         05/05/2022  80
 Friday Forum      Cultural         23/08/2019  70

13. Experiential learning activities organized by the department.

ActivityDate/sNumber of teachers involvedNumber of students participated
In Plant training programme 1 months     02         25
  Excursion Tour  22/04/2022 to         23/04/2022       02          19

13. Any other information (Important to be mentioned in departmental profile)

Sr. No.Student NameThesis NameGuide NameCo-Guide NameYear
1Mr. Dharmadhikari Nandkumar P.Detection of Geopathic Stress Zone and its Effect on Human System.Dr. Kulkarni S. D.Dr. Meshram D. C.2011
2Mr. Hassan RezaeiApplication of Biosorption Mechanism to Remediate Metal Contaminated Industrial Effluent.Dr. Kulkarni S. D.Dr. Saptarshi P. G.2012
3Mr. Wagh Prashant L.Study of Species Diversity and Habitat Utilization of Birds at Nandur- Madhameshwar Wetland, Nasik, Maharashtra.Dr. Kurhade S. M.2015
4Mrs. Velhal Sulabha G.Application of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on Removal of Textile Dye.Dr. Kulkarni S. D.Dr. Jaybhay R. G. Dr. Latpate R.V.2019
5Mrs. Khobragade Vaidehi BBioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) from Contaminated Soil by Indigenous and Adapted Assemblage.Dr. Kulkarni S. D.2020
6Mrs. Chavan Surekha L.Phytochemical analysis and Allelopathic Studies of Weeds from Solanaceae family, Ahmednagar District (Maharashtra)Dr. Kurhade S.M.Dr. Khose R.G.2020
7Mrs. Dhawale Vijaya PandurangApplication of Aluminium and Silver Nanocomposite for Water TreatmentDr. Kulkarni S.D.Dr. Mohite K.C.2020

14. Future Plan of the department (To justify the SWOC analysis).

  • To Start Certificate course in the Industrial Safety and Management
  • To Start Certificate course in the Wild life photography
  • To Start Certificate course in Environmental Impact Assessment