1. Year of Establishment : B.Sc. 1970, M.Sc. 2011

2. Programmes offered by the department

UGPG Research Center Certificate/ Diploma
B.Sc. StatisticsM.Sc. Statistics——–———–

3. Faculty Profile

NameEducation QualificationDesignationDate of JoiningTotal ExperienceProfile
Dr. A.A. KulkarniPh.D.Asst. Professor02/09/201117 
Mr. B.K. ThorveM.Sc. M. Phil,  SETLecturer17/7/201210 
Ms.  K. B. ManeM.Sc. , SETLecturer3/08/139 
Ms.  M. D. RohakaleM.Sc.Lecturer24/11/20165 
Mr. A. B. BhasmeM.Sc.Lecturer25/7/192 
Ms.  B. P. KharatM.Sc.Lecturer1/4/20220 
Ms. S. A. KardileM.Sc.Lecturer1/4/20220 

4. Details of seminars/conferences/workshops organized by the department

Theme of the Seminar/ Conference/WorkshopLevelSponsoring AgencyDates
Workshop Guidance on NET & SET Examination: StatisticsStateCollege25/12/2017 to 30/12/2017
Skill Based Program on  Python LanguageCollegeUGC- CPE20/08/2018 to 27/08/2018
Personality Development camp in StatisticsUniversityCytel Pune13/12/2018 to 15/12/2018
National Conference on Recent Advancement in Statistics and their Applications to the SocietyNationalQIP Scheme of SPPU Pune17/01/2019 to 18/01/2019
Workshop on Advanced R programmingCollegeUGC-CPE30/09/2019 to  05/10/2019
Workshop on SPSS for FacultyCollegeUGC-CPE19/12/2019  to 21/12/1019
Workshop on Statistical Applications in Clinical TrialsCollegeUGC- CPE06/01/2020 to 11/01/2020
State Level Big Data Analytics ChampionshipState LevelCytel Pune25/01/2020 to 27/01/2020
State Level MSC-CET Quiz ProgramStateCollege03/05/2020 to 23/05/2020
Workshop on Introduction to PythonCollegeDBT STAR Scheme14/03/2022 to 16/03/2022
Workshop on Advance ExcelCollege LevelDBT STAR Scheme21/03/2022 to 22/02/2022

5. Details of research projects undertaken by the department.

Name of the Principal InvestigatorTitle of the projectDurationSponsoring Agency
Dr. A.A.Kulkarni  and B.K. ThorveNew Forecasting Method for South West Monsoon Rainfall  2015-2017          UGC
Prof. M.S. KastureTime management of woman engaged in SHG from Ahmednagar District2015-2017           UGC

6. Details of research papers published (in UGC notified journals notified only)

Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperJournalISSN NumberVolume and Page Numbers
Prof. J.K. KshirsagarHabit wise  Distribution of House SparrowEuropean Journal of Experimental BiologyISSN 2248-9215 .194-197
Estimation of mean of rare and clustered population using edge Units in the Network.International Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology.ISSN. 2319-3778 
On computing inclusion probabilities of sampling units in adaptive sampling.International Journal of Trend in Research and development of PaperISSN: 2394-9333205-207
Effect of Vedic mantras on plantsJournal of Basic Sciences2154-193162-65
Estimation of an Upper bound for population total using restricted adaptive sampling.Resent Developments in Applied Statistics2231-506301-06
Sample size consideration in adaptive Cluster SamplingBulletin of Marathwada Mathematical Society0976-604919(1), 32-41
Two Stage Negative Adaptive Cluster SamplingCommunication in Mathematics and Statistics2194-67018(1), 1-21
Negative Adaptive Cluster SamplingModel Assisted Statistics and application1574-169914(1),  65-81
Adaptive Cluster Double Sampling for Negatively Correlated VariableSankhya0976-837882B(1), 70-83
Prof. M.S. KastureImpact of integrating sales and distribution function in inventory management and production planning on customer value, cycle time and probability.MERC Global International journal of Social science and Management.ISSN  2348-5620  Volume 4
Effects of altitude on circadian rhythm of adult locomotor activity in Himalayan strains of Drosophila Helvetica  Journal of Circadian RhythmsISSN: 1740-33911-11
Cotton scenario in IndiaCurrent ScienceISSN 0011-38918-8
Index of first order independence within the setup of Markov Dependence.International Journal of Management Studied, Statistics and Applied Economics.ISSN, 2250-0367.Volume-2
Modelling of sugar production in India based on principal componentIOSR journal of Mathematics (IOSR-JM) 2278-5728  Volume-4, Page No. 1-6
On probability density (f) based new measure of Kurtosis KfIOSR journal of Mathematics  2278-5728  Volume-12, Page No. 49-53
Time Management of Women Engaged In Self Help Groups: A StudyAsian Journal Of Research In Business Economics And Management2250-1673 Volume-7, Page No.102-111
On Some Aspects of Statistical Analysis: A Case Study ApproachInternational Research Journal Of Agricultural Economics And Statistics 20182229-7278Volume-9, Page No. 399-406
An application of Naïve Bayes Classifier to explore big data using XLSTAT.  International Research Journal of Agricultural Economics and Statistics 20182229-7278Volume-9, Page No. 285-289
Milk production in IndiaCurrent Science0011-3891 .1349-1350
Kulkarni A.A. & Thorve B.K.Statistical study of Parent Child RelationshipShodhankan International JournalISSN 2250-0383 .110-115
Police Occupation and increasing mental stress.Important of Human Values in Modern SocietyISBN-978-93-5178-288-5154-157
Parenting StyleShodhankan International JournalISSN-2250 – 0383139-142
Real Life example in Principal Component AnalysisRole of Mathematics in Science Engineering and Technology National JournalISBN-978-93-84916-67-138-41
Babasaheb K Thorve and Raosaheb V Latpate  Analytical Comparison of Optimal Replacement Policies for Uncertain ParametersInternational Journal of Reliability and ApplicationISSN-2283-891419(1) , 1-25
Analytical Comparison of Optimal Replacement Policies for Cold standby Repairable system with Priority in Use When failure and Repair rate are UncertainJournal of Indian Society for Probability and StatisticsISSN 2364-956919(3), 379-415
Replacement Policy for cold Standby Repairable Systems with Priority in Use by Using Arithmetico-geometric Process  International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety EngineeringISSN 0218-539327 (3)
On the Use of Arithmetico-geometric Process for Performance of Two Identical Components  cold Standby Repairable systemInternational Journal of Statistics & Reliability EngineeringISSN-2350-01746 (2)
Prof. K. B. Mane Prof.M.D. Rohakale Prof. R.J.Wagh  Impact of Cashless System on economic growth and regular lifestyle of farmers with respect to AhmednagarInternational Journal of Engineering and Science InventionISSN-2319 – 67262019

7 . Details of books, chapters in edited volumes/ papers published in National and International Conference Proceedings.

Name of the AuthorTitle of the PaperTitle of the Book/ ConferenceISBN NumberVolume and Page Numbers
Prof G.S. KatharS.Y.B.Sc. Continuous DistributionVision Prakashan  Pune
Dr. J.K. Kshirsagar Advance Sampling MethodsAdvance Sampling Methods978-981-16-0621-2 Page No 1-307
Dr. A. A. KulkarniStatistical Analysis of Polycystic Ovary SyndromeResearch Trend in Medical and Biological Science.978-81-949305-0-1Page No. 26-35
Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperTitle of the Book/ ConferenceISBN NumberVolume and Page Numbers

8. Details of extension activities carried out by the department.

ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants
 Raksha Bandhan Program 16th August 2019, 35 Visually imparted students
Parents Meet28Th September 201965
Late Padmabhushan Dr. V.S.Huzurbazar  Birth Centenary Celebration15th September 201950
Reading Inspiration Day. Birth Anniversary of Late Hon. A.P. J.Abdul Kalam Saheb, Ex-President of India15th October 201955
One Day Picnic at old heritage and religious place,  DongargaonFebruary, 201975
Blood Donation CampJanuary 201440 Bags
Blood Donation CampDecember 201540 Bags
Visit to Snehalaya, Ahmednagar2015100
Blood Donation CampJanuary 201645 Bags
Conducted Yoga Class on the Occasion of International Yoga DayJune 201570
Conducted Yoga Class on the Occasion of International Yoga DayJune 2016120
Visit to Anamprem201670

9. Details of linkages/collaborations/ MoU signed by the department and activities under it.

Name of the Partner Institution/IndustryDateActivities undertakenNumber of Student Participants
                 –          –             –               –

10 . Details of infrastructural facilities available in the department for the teaching and learning process.

Name of the Infrastructural FacilityNumber
Statistical Laboratory03
Desk Computers125
Color Printers with Scanners02
Calculators- (Scientific)34
LCD Projector with Screen03
CCTV camera (safety measure)07
Writing  Pad07
Hard Disk05
Collar Mice03
Head Phone03
Air Conditioners03
Web cam10

11. Details of capacity building and skill enhancement initiatives taken by the department.

Programme/ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants
Certificate Course in German LanguageAugust 201923
Certificate Course in French LanguageSeptember, 201930

11. Details of sports and cultural activities organized by the department.

ActivityType (Sports/ Cultural)DateNumber of Student Participants

12. Experiential learning activities organized by the department.

ActivityDate/sNumber of teachers involvedNumber of students participated
13. Any other information (Important to be mentioned in departmental profile):
     1. Departmental has three well equipped laboratories containing 125 computers.
     2. All the three labs are in LAN
     3. All the three labs are enriched with licensed copy of software’s such as SPSS, 
         Minitab, MAT lab Tableau, Python. Its cost is approximately Rs. 1,00,000/-
 4. Department has enriched student’s library, which contains 300 + Books
14. Future Plan of the department (To justify the SWOC analysis).
1.  To Establish the Research Center
2.  To Widen the scope of interaction between professionals and experts
3.  To Strengthen placement cell at departmental level
4.  To Start Skill based certificate courses.
5.  To Increase the research area of inter disciplinary branches of all fields.