1. Year of Establishment : UG:  1970     PG:   1978

2. Programmes offered by the department

UGPG Research Center Certificate/ Diploma
B. A. EconomicsM. A. EconomicsM.Phil, Ph.D. Economics——–

3. Faculty Profile

NameEducation QualificationDesignationDate of JoiningTotal ExperienceProfile
Dr. Undre B. D.M. A. Ph.D.Assistant Professor1-10-201111 
Dr. Thakur B. P.M. A. M. Phil Ph.D.Assistant Professor09-04-201309 
Dr. Waghmare  S.M.M. A. B. Ed. M. Phill NET, Ph. DAssistant Professor1-10-201111 
Dr. Kale S.V.M.A. M. Phill SET, Ph. DAssistant Professor13-07-201804 
Dr. Khose P. N.M.A. M. Phill Ph. DAssistant Professor24-07-201804 

4. Details of seminars/conferences/workshops organized by the department

Theme of the Seminar/ Conference/WorkshopLevelSponsoring AgencyDates
A Two Days  University Level Workshop on “ NET /SET Workshop in Economics”Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune (Student Welfare)BCUD  04-05 February 2014
A Two Days University Level Workshop on “Restructuring of  M.A. Economics Syllabus”  BCUD Savitribai Phule Pune University PuneBCUD    19 March 2014  
  A Two Days National  Level Seminar on “Water Management”BCUD Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune  BCUD  26-27 February 2015  

5. Details of research projects undertaken by the department.

Name of the Principal InvestigatorTitle of the ProjectDurationSponsoring Agency

6. Details of research papers published (in UGC notified journals notified only)

Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperJournalISSN NumberVolume and Page Numbers
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Problems of Organised Industrial Workers in Marathwada Region  Research analysis and Evaluation  ISSN-0975-3486 Vol.,II  ISSUE 19, 
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Internet Banking and its Perspective      International Journal of Management and Economics  ISSN No- 2231-4687  Vol-1 No-4 486-487
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Inflation a Challenge before Indian Economy  AJMVP Publication Ahmednagar  ISBN- 978- 81 -926129 -9- 781-84
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy  International Journal of Management and Economics  ISSN-No- 2231-4687  Vol-1 No- 10 93-96
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Soft Skills Development  Rajmudra Publication  ISSN-2320-708656-59
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Role of Changing Environment on Society : A Multidisciplinary Approach  Success Publications Pune  ISBN-978-93-5158-298-4 
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Globalization and Its impact on Human Rights  Rutu Publications  ISBN-978-93-83870-38-7 
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Emerging Trends and Applications in Computer and Information Technology  Rajmudra Publication  ISSN-2320-7086 
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  A Role of Human Development Index in Sustainable Development  Scholarly Research Journal For interdisciplinary Studies  ISSN- 2278-8808 Vol-6 Issue-34   
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Water Management Conservation Strategic in India  Sanshodhan Samiksha  ISSN- -2278-9308   
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Farmers Suicide in Maharashtra Problems and Prospects  Printing Research Area  ISSN- 2250-0383  Volume -1 8-11
  Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao    Role of Internet of Things in 21st Centaury  International Journal of  Research and analytical Reviews  ISSN- 2348-1269  Volume 6 Issue 1 296-298
Dr. Undre Baliram Dadarao  Role of Digital Banking Service in Current Scenario in India  International Multidisciplinary  E-Research Journal  ISSN-2348-7143  Special Issue-235-G 83-86
Dr. B. P. ThakurRole of Agriculture in Indian EconomyInternational Journal of Management &EconomicsISBN-2231-468745-47
 Mahatma Gandhi Ani Gram SwarajRelevance Of Gandhian & Thought 204-206
 Need Of Water ManagementShodhankan  ISSN-2250-038342-46
 Effect of Black Money On Indian Economy ISSN-2277-573018-21
 The Effect of Monetary Policy On Indian Economy ISSN-2348-7143207-209
 Sanshodhan Va Samajik shastra ISBN-978-888769-34-1183-185
 Globalization In Indian Economy ISSN-2349638X89-91
 Challenges of Electronic Payment Systems ISSN 2349-638208-09
 Present Scenario of Agriculture Marketing in India. ISSN 2348-7143123 – 123
 Rajarshri Shahu Maharajyachya Shikshan visayak Vicharancha Abhayas ISBN 2319-9318133-135
 Economic Thoughts of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar ISSN-2230-9578117-119
Dr. S M WaghmareKisan Credit Card- Benefit for FarmerInternational Journal of Social Science Choice College Publication, PuneISSN 2249-7463  Vol-2 Issue2(1)  
Dr. S M WaghmareDevaluation of Rupees Since 1947Harshvardhan Publication,BeedISBN 978-81-926851-0-6   
Dr. S M WaghmareRole of Agriculture in Indian EconomyInternational Jounal of Management and Economics Chetan Publication, AurngabadISSN 2231-4687  Vol-1 No-10  
 Importance of Water Management in Crop ProductionInternational Multidisciplinary and Reviewed Resource Journal Rajmudra Publication Ahmednagar   ISSN 2320-7086 
 Deforestation-Causes Effects and RemediesSuccess Publication, PuneISBN 978-93-5158-298-4   
 Human Rights and National Human Rights CommissionSuccess Publication, PuneISBN 978-93-83870-38-7   
 Business Cpmmunication in GlobalizationRuttu Publucation AhmednagarISSN-2320-7086 
 Benefits and Challenges of Cashless Economy in IndiaRajmudra Publucation AhmednagarISSN-2320-7086   
 दारिद्र्य निर्मूलनात सुवर्णजयंती शहरी रोजगार योजनेची भूमिकाResearch Journey Issue-104(A) Swatidhan Publication NashikISSN 2348-7143 
 Influences of Consumer BehaviorResearch Journey Issue-235(C) Swatidhan Publication NashikISSN 2348-7143 
 The Study of Consumer BehaviorOctober-December (2020) Sambodhi Published By : Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology, AhmedabadISSN : 2249-6661  Vol-43 No.-04 (XIII)    
                                               Dr.S.V.Kale ,श्री साईबाबा संस्थान शिर्डीचे अर्थकारण व सामाजिक क्षेत्रातील योगदानाचा अभ्यासNational journalISBN:978-93-24457-19-7entitied,266-269
“Role of Skill Devlopment in India”International Refereed & Reviewed journalISSN- 2250-0383 entitled49-53
A GLANCE FDI IN SERVICE SECTOR IN INDIA”International Refereed & Reviewed journalISSN- 2349-4766127-129
“A Recent Challenges before  agriculture marketing in India”Multidisciplinary International E-Research JournalISSN- 2348-7143129-130
Dr. P. N. KhoseGST Impact on Indian EconomyScholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies (SRJIS)Online ISSN: 2278-8808 Printed ISSN: 2349-4766 (UGC Approved Sr.No.49366)Vol.- 6 718-720  
Dr. P. N. KhoseImpact on Demonetization on Indian EconomyInternational multidisciplinary quarterly research journal (Ajanta Prakashan)ISSN: 2227-5730Vol.-VII 22-30  
Dr. P. N. KhoseChallenges and Opportunities of E-Banking in the Indian Banking SectorInternational Research Fellows Association Research JournalISSN: 2348-7143 (UGC Approved Journal)87-90  
Dr. P. N. KhoseImpact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Banking SectorInternational Research Journal of multidisciplinary Studies (IRJMS)ISSN- 2454-8499Vol.-V 128-131
Dr. P. N. KhoseE-Commerce A Study on Benefits and Challenges in an Emerging EconomyInternational Multidisciplinary E-Research JournalISSN- 2348-714377-80
Dr. P. N. KhoseRecent Trends of Banking Sector in IndiaJournal of Information and Computational ScienceISSN: 1548-7741Vol.-10 324-328
Dr. P. N. KhoseImpact Of CORONA Crisis On Education SectorInternational Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT)ISSN: 2320-2882 Paper ID-IJCRT2103548Vol.-9 4728 – 4734  
Dr. P. N. KhoseQualitative Research Methodology and their TypesInternational Research Fellows Association Research JournalISSN: 2348-7143181-184

7. Details of books, chapters in edited volumes/ papers published in National and International Conference Proceedings.

Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperTitle of the Book/ ConferenceISBN NumberVolume and Page Numbers
Dr. Undre Baliram DadaraoChallenges of Social Sciences Research  “Research Methodology in Social Sciences”.  978-93-88769-34-1128-130
Dr. Undre Baliram DadaraoMacro Economic Analysis- IMacro Economic Analysis- IISBN-978-93-90483-77-8 
Dr. Undre Baliram DadaraoBusiness ManagementBusiness ManagementISBN 978-93-91391-54-6 
Dr.B.P.ThakurDevolution of Rupees Since 1947Economics Crisis & India’s Monetary PolicyISBN-97881-926851-0-6103-105
 The Trends Of Inflation After Economics ReformsInflation –A-Challenges Before Indian EconomyISSN-978-81-926129-9-774-77
   Sector Wise Analysis of FDI Inflow in IndiaImpact Of FDI on Indian Economy   ISBN-978-81-926129-4-3113-115
 Bhartatil Pani Uplabdata ani Pani VyavasthapanWater ManagementISSN-2320-7086186-191
 Shikashanani Mahila ShakshimikaranWomen Empowerment Issues& ChallengesISBN-978-91-910595-24326-327
 Bharatatil Paryatan Utpanacha AdhavaRural Development & TourismISSN-978-93-5158-303-5149-150
 Sour Urja Nirmiti Kalachi GarajRole of Changing Environment On Society: A Multidisciplinary Approach.ISBN-978-93-5158-298-4200-203
 ICT & Women EmpowermentEmgring Trends & Applications In Computer & Information TechnologyISSN-2320-7086137-138
 Maharatratil JalsichanMarathwada Earthshtra ParishadISSN-978-93-81948-98-9244-247
 Mahaila Sablikaran Ani Sarkari YojanaWomen Empowerment Issues& ChallengesISSBN-978-93-82504-31-3192-196
Dr. S M WaghmareImportance of Tabulation in Research Methodology  “Research Methodology in Social Sciences”.  978-93-88769-34-1123-125
Dr. S M WaghmareMacro Economic Analysis- IMacro Economic Analysis- IISBN-978-93-90483-77-8 
Dr. S M WaghmareBusiness ManagementBusiness ManagementISBN 978-93-91391-54-6 
       Dr.S.V.Kale ‘GST impact on Tourisum- Hospitality Industry in India’NationalconferenceProceedings in Ajanta      ISSN-2277-5730   129-132
       Dr.S.V.Kale “Empiricalresearch in social sciences’’State Level Workshop  Proceedings bearing the Prashant publicationsISBN 978-93-88769-34-1   99-101
Dr. P. N. KhoseResearch Methodology in Social SciencesState Level Workshop on Research Methodology in Social ScienceISBN-978-93-88769-34-190-92
Dr. P. N. KhoseRecent Trade & Issues in Indian Agricultural EconomicsNational Seminar on Emerging Trends and Issues in Social SciencesISSN- 2319-931851-53
Dr. P. N. KhoseImpact of COVID-19 on Maharashtra Agricultural Sector and ChallengesMultidisciplinary International Web ConferenceISBN– 978-1-71654-176-681-84
Dr. P. N. KhoseEffect of COVID-19 on the Indian Economy and Supply ChainNational Conference COVID-19 Pandemic and Impact on Socio-Economic Development in India ISSN- 2349-638x20-21
Dr. P. N. KhoseImpact of Covid-19 On Indian EconomyAll Multidisciplinary Subjects for ResearchISBN- 978-93-89840-55-1  41-42
Dr. P. N. KhosePublic FinancePublic FinanceISBN-978-93-91391-49-21-192

8. Details of extension activities carried out by the department.

ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants

9. Details of linkages/collaborations/ MoU signed by the department and activities under it.

Name of the Partner Institution/Industry
DateActivities undertakenNumber of Student Participants

10. Details of infrastructural facilities available in the department for the teaching and learning process.

Name of the Infrastructural FacilityNumber

11. Details of capacity building and skill enhancement initiatives taken by the department.

Programme/ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants

12. Details of sports and cultural activities organized by the department.

ActivityType (Sports/ Cultural)DateNumber of Student Participants

13. Experiential learning activities organized by the department.

ActivityDate/sNumber of teachers involvedNumber of students participated

13. Any other information (Important to be mentioned in departmental profile)

14. Future Plan of the department (To justify the SWOC analysis).

      Strengths  :              Well studied and resourceful faculty with all infrastructural facilities made

                                      available by the college. Support of institutional head and management 

                                      level authorities.

      Weakness :             Fail to cope with the problems faced by students from distant rural areas. 

                                     This hampers their educational performance despite promising facilities

                                     and good tutorship.

    Opportunities:       There is wide scope to start consultancy services for the self employed and 

                                     job seekers migrated from rural areas to urban industrial network.

Challenges:            To create awareness and attitude among the students regarding the

economic and social problems faced by different strata’s in the societies especially weaker sections. 

Future Plans:

  1. Looking forward to undertake a comprehensive socio-economic survey of slum area in the city Ahmednagar  to assess the basic problems faced by them.
  2. Adoption of village to study the educational problems ranging from pre-

primary to higher education level students.

  • Annual Conference to study the regional level aspect of union budget. It will

create an awareness of  revenue expenditure mechanism of state apparatus among the people.

  • To start a Helpline examination centre for the students coming from rural

background. It will assist them to contest and crack down various competitive examinations.

  • Industrial visits for students impart practical knowledge of production process

and management of a firm level industrial unit.