1. Year of Establishment : UG:  1970, PG:  1977,

                                           Research Center:  April 2015

2. Programmes offered by the department

UGPG Research Center Certificate/ Diploma
B. A. HistoryM. A. HistoryPh. HistoryModi Script

3. Faculty Profile

NameEducation QualificationDesignationDate of JoiningTotal ExperienceProfile
Prof. K.M. AmbadeM.A,Ph.D.Professor and Head8 September 1992  
Dr.Meena SaleM.A,B.Ed,M.Phil,Ph.D.Associate Professor30 September 1998  
Lt Bhart HolkarM.A SETAssistant Professor1 September 2017  
Mr. Sagar SapreM.Sc.,M.A NET,SETAssistant Professor3 August 2016  

4. Details of seminars/conferences/workshops organized by the department

Theme of the Seminar/ Conference/WorkshopLevelSponsoring AgencyDates
Faculty Development Programs UGC10 Nov 2014 to 16 Nov 2014
Subaltern Movement in MaharashtraNationalUGC22&23 Sept 2015
One Day Online Workshop on Research Methodology Self Founding16 February 2021

5. Details of research projects undertaken by the department.

Name of the Principal InvestigatorTitle of the projectDurationSponsoring Agency
Dr Ambade K M  Ahmednagar Madhil Adhivasi Lokanche Britishanchya Virudhhche Uthao   UGC  
Dr  Sale M C  AhmednagarilhyatilAitihasikvaDharmikParyantaachaAbhyas-    

6. Details of research papers published (in UGC notified journals notified only)

Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperJournalISSN NumberVolume and Page Numbers
Dr. K.M. AmbadeEconomic Contribution of Malik Amber In DeccanOur HeritageISSN 0474-903068 Issue I- Jane vary 2020
Dr. K.M. Ambadesa%yaSaaoQak caLvaLIcaa maharaYT/avar pDlaolaa P`aBaavaÁek dRiYTkaonaGolden Research Thought           ISSN 2231-5063Vol. 1 Sept.2011
Dr. K.M. Ambadesa%yaSaaoQak caLvaLIcaa maharaYT/avar pDlaolaa P`aBaavaÁek icaik%saaShodhankan  ISSN 2250-0383Vol-2 Jan2011 Page No 75 to77
Dr. K.M. AmbadeIndia and Iran :Our Cultural Legacy of the past  Impact of Sufism on Composite Culture of India ShodhankanISSN 2250-0383Vol-3 Jul 2012 Page No 38 to41  
Dr. K.M. AmbadebaaLSaas~I jaaMBaokraMcao SaOxaiNak ivacaarShodhankanISSN 2250-0383Vol-2Issue –I Jan 2013 Page No13to15  
Dr. K.M. AmbadeAhmadnagarcyaa inajaamaSaahItIla Saha taihrcao  yaaogadanaShodhankanISSN 2250-0383Vol-2Issue -4 Oct 2013 Page No49to52  
Dr. K.M. Ambadesaatvaahna kalaIna vyaapar va ]VaogaÁek AvalaaoknaShodhanakanISSN 2250-0383Vol-2Special Issue Sept 2013 Page No 87to88  
Dr. K.M. AmbademaukuMdrava paTlaaMnaI SaotkáyaaMcyaa isqatIvar saucaivalaolao ]paya AaiNa Aajacaa SaotkrIShodhankanISSN 2250-0383Vol-Issue -4 Jan2015  Page No7to9  
Dr. K.M. Ambadesa%yaSaaoQakI jalasao samaaja P`abaaoQanaacao saaQanaShodhankan           ISSN 2250-0383July 2015 Page No4to6  
Dr. K.M. AmbadeThe Relevance of History in Constructing SocietyVidyawartaISSN-23199318Spl Issue Vol-II Feb2017 Page No4to41  
Dr. K.M. AmbademaharaYT/atIla saufI samanvayavaadIcao caLvaL Áek icaMtnaReview of Research,  ISSN 2249-894xDec 2018  Page NO9 to 11
Dr. K.M. Ambadenyaa mahadova gaaoivaMd ranaDo yaaMcao SaOxaiNak ivacaarAjantaISSN 2277-5730 Jan-March 2019 Page NO 44to47
Dr. K.M. Ambadesardar vallaBaa[- pTola yaaMcaI Qama-inarpoxataÁek icaik%saaResearch  Journey  ISSN-2348-7143January 2019
Dr. K.M. AmbaderaYT/Iya ka^Mga`osa AaiNa calaojaava zravaResearch Journey  ISSN-2348-7143  January 2019
Dr. Meena SaleShershah Surichi Jamin mahsulResearch journalISSN – 2394-5303Issue 62 vol.1 Feb. 2020
Dr. Meena Saleमराठाकालीन ग्रामव्यवस्थेची रचना Page No 75 to 77Vidyawarta  ISSN- 23199318Spl Issue (Vol-II ) Jan 2018 UGC Approved Jr No 62759
Dr. Meena Saleसंयुक्त महाराष्ट्र चळवळ – यशवंतरावाची भूमिका  Page No 130 to 132Vidyawarta  ISSN-23199318Issue -22 (Vol-14) Jan –March  2018 UGC Approved Jr No 62759  
Dr. Meena Saleपेडगावचा भुईकोट  किल्ला- बहादूरगड Page No 192-193Vidyawarta Issue -22  ISSN-23199318(Vol-14) Jan2019 UGC Approved Jr No 62759
Dr. Meena Saleकंपनी राजवटीत महाराष्ट्रातील शिक्षणाचे स्वरूप Page No 81 to 84AjantaISSN 2277-5730  Jan-Jan- March 2019 Impact Factor/Indexing 2018-5.5 Vol VIII
Dr. Meena Saleसरदार वल्लभभाई पटेल व राष्ट्रीय कॉंग्रेस Page No 93 to 95 Research JourneyISSN-2348-7143  January 2019 Impact Factor-6.261
Dr. Meena Saleराष्ट्रीय कॉंग्रेसचे महाराष्ट्रातील अधिवेशन   page No. 89 to 92Research JourneyISSN-2348-7143  January 2019 Impact Factor-6.261
Dr. Meena Saleमध्ययुगातील महाराष्ट्रातील बलुतेदारी पद्धत Page No 87 to 89Printing  AriaISSN-239453033    Issue 60 VOL 02 Dec 2019
Dr. Meena Saleशेरशहा सुरची  जमीन महसूल व्यवस्था Page No1188 to120Printing Aria  ISSN-2394-53033  Issue 62 VOL 01 Feb 2020
Dr. Meena Saleप्राचीन भारतातील  मानवाची प्रगती Page No.18 to 20Ajanta  ISSN 2277-5730  Oct-Dec 2020 Impact Factor/Indexing 2019-6.399 Vol IX
Dr. Meena SaleDandi March 1930 Page no.1 to 3B.AadharISSN2278-9308 
Dr. Meena Saleसंत जनाबाईचे भक्ती विचार Page No.53 to 56Ajanta  ISSN 2277-5730  Jan -March 2020 -21 Impact Factor/Indexing 2019-6.399 Vol .X

7. Details of books, chapters in edited volumes/ papers published in National and International Conference Proceedings.

Name/s of the AuthorTitle of the PaperTitle of the Book/ ConferenceISBN NumberVolume and Page Numbers
Dr. Meena Saleजानकीबाई आपटे यांचे अहमदनगर मधील सामाजिक कार्यदेश आणि विदेशातील  विविध क्षेत्रातील स्त्री कर्तृत्वाचे योगदान संपादक डॉ. स्नेहल तावरे स्नेहवर्धन प्रकाशन , पुणे.ISBN 978-93-87628-75-5Page No.72to75
Dr. Meena Saleमुंबईतील शोषित गिरणी कामगार -एक अभ्यास   Page No 164 To 168भारतीय स्वातंत्र्य चळवळीचा आर्थिक परिप्रेक्षातून अभ्यास (१७५७ ते १९४७)” संपादक डॉ. उत्तम पठारे सनय प्रकाशन, पुणे.ISBN978-93-84600-38-9 (HB)Page No 164 To 16
Mr. Sapre S.H.Google Form : Online Tool For Survey ResearchResearch Methodology in Social ScienceISBN-978-93-88769-34-1Page No. 24 to 26

8. Details of extension activities carried out by the department.

ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants

9. Details of linkages/collaborations/ MoU signed by the department and activities under it.

Name of the Partner Institution/Industry
DateActivities undertakenNumber of Student Participants

10. Details of infrastructural facilities available in the department for the teaching and learning process.

Name of the Infrastructural FacilityNumber

11. Details of capacity building and skill enhancement initiatives taken by the department.

Programme/ActivityDateNumber of Student Participants
Modi Script ClassesIn Every Academic Year in Second Week of September

12. Details of sports and cultural activities organized by the department.

ActivityType (Sports/ Cultural)DateNumber of Student Participants

13. Experiential learning activities organized by the department.

ActivityDate/sNumber of teachers involvedNumber of students participated
14. Future Plan of the department (To justify the SWOC analysis).
1. To  establish  Historical museum in college campus  .
2. To start certificate  course on  Archeology.