Name of full-time teachers with PhD / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Super Specialty /DSc / DLitt during the yearQualification (PhD / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Super Specialty /DSc / DLitt) and Year of obtainingWhether recognized as a research guide for a Ph.D.?Year of recognition as a Research GuideIs the teacher still serving the institution? /If not,when did he/she leave the institution?Name of the scholarMonth and Year of registration of the scholarPh.D. Scholar’s Title of the Thesis
 Prof.Dr.S.B. Gaikwad M.Sc,B.Ed,D.C.P,M.Phill,SET,Ph.D. Yes 2019 Yes Bhagyashri Nandkishor Todkari April 2022Some problems in integral transform on time scale calculus
Prof.Dr.S.B. Gaikwad M.Sc,B.Ed,D.C.P,M.Phill,SET,Ph.D.Yes2019 YesAbhijit   Shankar  Jadhav April 2022Study of Wavelets Transform methods for solving differential equations and its applications
 Dr.V.R.Nikam M.Sc,Ph.D. Yes 2020 Yes Associate Snehal Shrinath Manjarekar April 2022 Study of q- Integral transforms with its Applications