Pratibimb National Film Festival

Pratibimb Film Festival

Inauguration by Hon. Shri Nandakumar Zaware Patil (President, AJMVPS, Ahmednagar), Shri. Sudhir Lanke and Principal Dr. B. H. Zaware


National Short Film and Documentary Festival, Ahmednagar

15 to 18 February (Every Year)


         Films have at all time’s fascinated human life. We, the Department of Communication Studies of New Arts Commerce & Science College, started PRATIBIMB FILM FESTIVAL (PFF) in the year 2008.

The key motive is to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of cinema in and around us.

 PFF is determined to present the most outstanding films produced around the globe to the audience.

         PFF is determined to nurture the innovative ideas of filmmaking and to provide talented filmmakers a wider attention by showcasing their art to the audience in the National Level Competition held parallel.

Being an Educational Institution PFF mainly Identifies, chooses, and introduces the best Student Filmmakers along with Professional Filmmakers, in order to encourage them.

 Also, promote artistic and cultural interactions among students.

 PFF confers an opportunity to the independent as well as amateur filmmakers to participate in the competition.

        Through different awards in various categories, our goal is to sustain, instigate and discover independent Short film and Documentary makers by providing them a reputed exhibition platform.

       PFF is a wonderful juncture to showcase Short films and Documentaries for aspiring Filmmakers.


Best Film – 11000 INR

First Runner Up – 7000 INR

Complimentary Prizes for…

Best Director,

Best Editor,

Best Cinematographer


All the awards will be accompanied by a trophy and certificate.

Awards will be given separately in student and open category segments for the short film & documentary section.


The competition will be held in two categories…

1) Student Category

2) Open Category


1) Student Category:

Current students from the undergraduate level can participate in the student category.

2) Open Category:

Any person above the age of 18 years can participate in this category.


Student Category: 300/-

Open Category: 500/-

Documentary Category: 500/-

Last Date for Entry Submission: 31 January of every year

Duration: Less than 30 min. with credits.

Submission Details: –

1. Online Entry Forms

2. Short Film or Documentary

3. A-4 Size Poster

4. Student ID – Soft Copy (for student Category only)

5. Entry Fee must be paid online by using the given QR Code Only

6. Entry Fee Submission – Soft Copy

All Entry Should be Submit online Only.

Submit Entries to –


01. The Competition is open for any person from India or studying in India.

02. The Short film/Documentary must be made after 01 January in the festival year.

03. The duration must be less than 30 min. with credits.

04. The Entry fee Rs. 300/- for Student, Rs.500/- for Open and Documentary Category.

05. Entry Fee must be paid online by using the given QR Code.

06. E-mail a screenshot of the payment to

07. Submit one A4 size Poster along with film submission.

08. Students must submit a valid ID card along with film submission in the student category.

09. One participant can participate in both short film & documentary categories.

10. For multiple entries fill out separate entry forms & pay fees separately.

11. Competition will be conducted in each category for minimum of 10 entries.

12. Jury decision will be final.

13. No award or prize will be given for acting or to the actor.

14. No T.A/ D.A will be given. The participants should bear all the expenses on their own.

15. Please provide functioning mobile & e-mail details in the entry form.

16. If the original film is not in Hindi or English, then it must be subtitled in English.

17. Each participant nominated for screening will be given a Participation Certificate.

18. All the winners will be given cash prizes, Trophies, and certificates.

19. Please send all your e-mail to

20. Pay fees by using QR Code only.

21. For any query or information feel free to call on 09623483600, 09922772229


Department of Communication Studies

Ahmednagar Jilha Maratha Vidya Parasarak Samajs’

New Arts, Commerce and Science College,

Lal Taki Road,