Syllabus of B. A. /B. Com/ /B.Sc./ B.Voc. programs as per NEP -2020 guidelines implemented from the Academic Year 2023-24

Sr. No. ProgrammeMajor ProgrammeMinor Programme
1.B. A. Marathi
2.B. A. Hindi
3.B. A. English
4.B. A. History
5.B. A. Economics
6.B. A. Political Science
B. A. Sociology
7.B. A. Philosophy
8.B. A. Psychology
9.B. A. Defense Studies
10.B. A. Music
11.B. A. Geography
12.B. Com Accountacy
13.B. Com Cost and Work Accountancy
14.B. Com Marketing
15.B. B. A.
16.B. B. A.International Business
17.B. B. A. Computer Applications
18.B. Sc. Chemistry
19.B. Sc. Physics
20.B. Sc. Botany
21.B. Sc. Zoology
22.B. Sc. Microbiology
23.B. Sc. Environmental Science
24.B. Sc. Biotechnology
25.B. Sc. Wine Technology
26.B. Sc. Mathematics
27.B. Sc. Statistics
28.B. Sc. Electronics
29.B. Sc. Computer Science
30.B. Sc. Data Science
31B. Sc. Cloud Computing
32B. Sc. BCA Science
32.BSC Animation
33B. Sc. Printing Technology
34B. Sc. Journalism and Mass Media

General Electives / Open Elective Courses

Sr. No. Title Syllabus Link
4.Social Sciences
5.Mental and Moral Sciences
8.Chemical Sciences
9.Life Sciences
10.Mathematical Sciences
11.Physical Sciences
12.Computational Sciences
13.Earth and Environmental Sciences
17.Media Studies

Other Courses (AEC, VEC, CC)

Types of CourseTitle SemesterSyllabus
Ability Enhancement Course (AEC)English Communication-II and II
Ability Enhancement Course (AEC) for Journalism English Communication-II and II
Value Education Courses Democracy, Election and Goverance I
Co-Curricular Courses (CC)Environmental Studies I
Co-Curricular Courses (CC)Health and WellnessIIHttps://Newartscollege.Ac.In/Wp-Content/Uploads/2023/07/7.-Syllabus-Template-For-Value-Education-Courses-VSC-4-Health-Wellness.Pdf